Medium: The First Season

  |  Buy to Own: 14/08/2006
  |  720 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 16 episodes from the first season of the American paranormal television drama. Patricia Arquette stars as Allison Dubois, a young woman who has, since childhood, experienced strange dreams and visions of the dead. Taking up a position as an advisor to the police, Allison risks her life to help the dead find justice. In this series, Allison suspects that she has helped to put the wrong man on death row, investigates the supposed suicide of a young woman who was having an affair with the DA, and has a horrific dream of her brother's death in battle. Episodes are: 'Pilot'; 'Suspicions and Certificates'; 'A Couple of Choices'; 'Night of the Wolf'; 'In Sickness and Adultery'; 'Coming Soon'; 'Jump Start'; 'Lucky'; 'Coded'; 'The Other Side of the Tracks'; 'I Married a Mind Reader'; 'A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk into an Execution Chamber'; 'Being Mrs O'Leary's Cow'; 'In the Rough'; 'Penny for Your Thoughts'; and 'When Push Comes to Shove'.