Mega Man Starforce Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 24/11/2008
  |  260 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All thirteen episodes of the Japanese anime series. It's the year 220 X, and Subaru Hoshikawa, a fifth-grade student, loses his father when he's involved in a space accident. Using his father's visualizer one day to see invisible electromagnetic waves, Subaru meets an extraterrestrial radio-wave being named War-Rock. When the two beings merge, they become Rockman, protector of the earth. Episodes comprise: 'Omega-Xis: The Fugitive', 'Electromagnetic Wave Change', 'Trouble Takes Wing', 'Crowded Air Waves', 'Two New Visitors', 'The Song of Lyra Note', 'Science Friction', 'Laughter in EM Wave Space', 'From Double to Bubble', 'Megaman Express and Wolf Woods', 'Wolf: The Roar of Anger', 'Amusement Gone Awry' and 'Biggest Fan or Biggest Foe'.