Men of War

  |  195 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Dolph Lundgren double bill of action thrillers. In 'Men of War' (1994) Lundgren stars as tough mercenary Nick Gunar, who is persuaded to fight off the inhabitants of a beautiful tropical island so that a couple of businessmen can exploit its mineral deposits. Gunar handpicks a small group of trained killers to conquer the island, but when they arrive the islanders charm the mercenaries into switching sides. When the real bad guys arrive, led by vicious cockney Keefer (Trevor Goddard), the carnage begins. In 'The Last Patrol' (2000), an earthquake has split California from mainland USA and the state descends into anarchy. Ready to deal with the problem is an elite force made up of three people from three different branches of the military: Army Captain Nick Preston (Lundgren), Airforce Captain Sarah McBride (Sherri Alexander), and Marine Sergeant Lucky Simcoe (Joe Michael Burke). Together they constitute the only hope for the newly-formed Island of California.