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  |  72 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Merge Film Poster


Director: Justin Bull. 2015, USA, 72min. UK PREMIERE A group of teenagers tamper with nanotechology, inadvertently opening a Pandora’s Box. When Kaz arrives from Japan at the school for gifted children in Vermont, he soon makes friends, then he introduces them to a new Nano-drug that helps make them smarter but the effect is temporary. One of the other pupils reverse engineers the drug and reprogrammes the Nanites, giving a longer effect. However, there are side effects as the group starts to be able to transit messages to each other, the nanites have created a shared network. It soon becomes clear that this technology is having other effects on the group. At times the film’s styling suggests a YouTuber’s fly-on-the-wall camera, naturally lit and almost improv-performances, it is an interesting hard scifi film. Set in the very near future, when the post-millennials have even more connected-tech to keep them ‘social’ MERGE asks what will happen to us when we share too much.