Miami Ink: The Complete Series 2

  |  Buy to Own: 24/09/2007
  |  1320 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The boys (and girl) of South Beach return for the second season of the popular reality show. In this season, the inked icons of Miami are tested to the limit, dealing with the enormity of running a business, juggling their hectic lives, and maintaining their credibility as artists. With success comes an intense amount of personal reflection and lifestyle changes and choices. Ami James is the hot-tempered leader of the gang, determined to keep them all in check. His partner Chris Nunez, the girls' favourite, is forever spending big to keep the party going. Chris Garver is the renowned artist and an inspiration to them all. Darren Brass is the little guy with the big beaming smile, always willing, always welcoming and with a penchant for underground graffiti. And loyal Yoji Harada, no longer the apprentice but still the butt of all the jokes. Episodes comprise: 'Saver vs. Spender', 'Yoji's Initiation', 'Woman in a Man's World', 'The Ultimate Job Interview', 'We're All Family', 'Kat the Party Machine', 'Garver's Ultimatum', 'Kat: A Fish Out of Water', 'Ami's Bad Side', 'Kat's Niche', 'Lloyd Banks and the Rotten Apple', 'Kat & Ami Tattoo the Troops', 'Bye-Bye Bridgette', 'Sink or Swim', 'The Jeep', 'History of the Circus Sideshow', 'A Disgruntled Yoji', 'Von D Family Bonding', 'The Car Star', 'Garver's Injury', 'Battle of the Apprentices', 'Shop Party', 'Yoji's Big Move', 'Family Values Tour', 'Nobody Likes a Quitter', 'Bella Boot Camp', 'Kat and Oliver Quality Time', 'Back to Their Roots', 'Kat's Cooking', 'Yoji's Dilemma', 'Ami and Nuñez Buy a Bar', 'American Chopper' and 'Tensions Rock the Shop'.