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  |  105 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC


Crime comedy by maverick French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Dany Boon stars as Bazil, a video shop assistant who ends up with a bullet permanently lodged inside his brain after a gangland shootout. Emerging from hospital without a job or a home, Bazil is taken in by a band of colourful misfits living in a Paris junkyard, led by matriarch Tambouille (Yolande Moreau). With the help of his new friends, Bazil takes on two arms manufacturers, one of whom made the bullet that so nearly cost him his life, and the other of whom manufactured the landmine that killed Bazil's soldier father, leaving him to spend his childhood in an orphanage. The gang devises a sequence of cunning plans and ingenious tricks that pitch the two rival firms against each other and ultimately threaten to bring them both down.

Contains moderate violence and sex and references to hard drugs
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