Mikagura School Suite

  |  Buy to Own: 21/11/2016
  |  300 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Mikagura School Suite Film Poster


All 12 episodes of the Japanese anime following a young girl as she adapts to life in her new school. After enrolling in Mikagura Private Academy, Eruna Ichinomiya (voice of Juri Kimura) learns that students are required to join one of the school's many clubs and gain points by fighting in battles. Eruna soon discovers she has special powers of her own and sets about using them to help her club achieve dominance. The episodes are: 'Youthful Prelude', 'After School Stride', 'Not Quite a Heroine', 'Apathetic Coup D'état', 'School Fantasia', 'Junk Innocence', 'Izayoi Seeing', 'Unidentified Treasure', 'Derailed Scandal', 'Sleeping Bag Haunting', 'Nostalgic Triangle' and 'Infinite Grand Finale'.