Miki Satoshi Collection

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Triple bill of features from the acclaimed Japanese director. 'Adrift in Tokyo' (2007) follows Takemura (Jô Odagiri), a student with little motivation who finds himself owing money he can't repay to a loan shark. He begins receiving visits from Fukuhara (Tomokazu Miura), an enforcer. However, rather than threatening him for the money, Fukuhara has an unusual proposition for Takemura: accompany him on a walk across the city and the best part of his debt will be written off. Little does Takemura anticipate what this journey will entail as the pair meet a variety of the city's eccentric characters before Fukuhara reveals their ultimate destination: the police station where he will turn himself in for murdering his wife. In 'Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers' (2005) bored housewife Suzume Katakura (Juri Ueno) dreams of a more exciting life. When she stumbles upon a flyer aiming to recruit spies, she senses an opportunity and calls the number. Directed to a run-down flat in one of the city's seedier areas, she meets a pair of murky figures who claim to be in the pay of a foreign power. The pair present her with a mission and Suzume prepares herself for a life of subterfuge. 'Instant Swamp' (2009) stars Kumiko Asô as Haname, a young woman whose life is turned upside down by a series of unfortunate events. First she loses her job and her boyfriend, then, following the hospitalisation of her mother, she makes the life-changing discovery that her real father is not who she thought he was, but is actually a hippie drifter nicknamed Light Bulb (Morio Kazama). How will Haname reconcile her sense of identity with the various changes forced upon her?