Minette Walters Collection

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  |  830 min
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Five television adaptations of the crime novels by Minette Walters. In 'The Ice House' (1997), three lesbian women living on a secluded country estate are embroiled in a murder investigation after a partially decomposed body is found on their grounds. The discovery unites the local community against the women, and raises new questions about a mysterious disappearance which occured ten years previously. 'The Scolds Bridle' (1998) sees an investigation into an apparent suicide suddenly turn into a murder enquiry, as Detective Cooper (Bob Peck) discovers the victim had severe arthritis and would have been physically incapable of killing herself. Looking into her background, Cooper finds that the victim had plenty of potential enemies. In 'The Echo' (1998), Clive Owen plays Michael Deacon, a brooding reporter who discovers a murdered homeless man in the house of a beautiful woman, and sets off to investigate. 'The Dark Room' (1999) sees Dervla Kirwan playing Jinx Kingsley, a young woman who has suddenly regained her memory after a bout of amnesia and finds herself suspected of two murders and her own attempted suicide. Finally, in 'The Sculptress' (1996), Olive Martin (Pauline Quirke), an isolated and reserved young woman, is accused and found guilty of her mother's brutal murder. While in prison she decides to write a book about her life; when she comes into contact with established author Roz Leigh (Caroline Goodall), the older woman quickly suspects that Olive is innocent of the crime. Roz decides to launch her own investigation into the case, although matters are not quite as straightforward as she thought.