Miracolo A Palermo

  |  Watch Now: 14/04/2011
  |  90 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Miracolo A Palermo Film Poster


An unrealistic fairy tale, a "Calvary" which tells of the bowels of Palermo, a Court of Miracles populated by little bosses, two-bit fences, comedy killers, poet/clowns and petty thief/poets, bag-snatchers/paralytics on motorised wheelchairs running rampant in the alleys of the centre, poor starving fools intoxicated by life and fear, a beautiful young widow determined to be a Mother Courage, a real boss with sad, tired eyes... and many, many others staging a local festival in just twenty-four hours, from one night to the next amid small and large acts of violence given and received, amid band music and luminaries announcing a religious festival! Over them all and with them all is Totò, age 12, who would like to be more than he is in order to love green-eyed Lina and to vindicate his murdered father.