Mission: Kung Fu Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 31/07/2006
  |  422 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of four Hong Kong martial arts action films. In 'Incredible Kung Fu Mission' (1982), Kung Fu expert Shih Tien-Kang (John Liu) is hired to free a rebel from a warlord fortress. He assembles a reluctant group of fighters to assist him on his mission: an undertaker (Jackie Chan), a juggler, a brothel worker, a carpenter and a streetfighter. However, one by one the men are killed, until Tien-Kang is left to complete his rescue mission alone. 'Cantonen Iron Kung Fu' (1972) is set in a small Chinese town, where wandering criminals kill a local merchant to take over his trade routes, leaving Liang Kun (Leung Ka-Yan) to seek vengeance and protect his town. 'Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion' (1981) is set during the Sung Dynasty. A young woman who is investigating the murder of her parents begins to suspect the involvement of her teacher. Through lies, deception and deceit, the student fights her way to the truth in a struggle that could well decide the fate of the Chinese Dynasties. In 'Yoga and Kung Fu Girl' (1978), Phoenix (Phoenix Chen) and Ah-Fei (Chi Kuan Chun) are two travelling friends who arrive in a small town where an unscrupulous martial arts teacher frames Ah-Fei for murder. Using their unique Shien Kwon kung fu style, based on ancient Indian yoga disciplines, the two friends prove more than a match for the villains.