|  Book Tickets: 02/10/2009
  |  139 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
Mitti Film Poster


Ganga is brutally raped and killed by a male works with Pagla Jaan, a Calcutta-based notorious gangster, whose wealth, power, and influence are beyond imagination. Deva finds out that this male, and sets about to find him, and does so. Deva then beheads him, and leaves the lifeless body in the street. The police are appalled by this brutal murder, and begin to investigate. When word gets to Pagla Jaan, he himself sets forth to search for the killer. Pagla Jaan finds out about Deva, and then begins a tussle between Deva on one hand, and the police, Pagla Jaan and his gang on the other hand. Deva has a choice, he must surrender himself to Pagla Jaan, or watch his family and friends get killed one by one.