Modhi Vilayadu

  |  Book Tickets: 24/07/2009
Rated 12A by the BBFC
Modhi Vilayadu Film Poster


Bollywood action adventure from director Saran. Vinay Rai stars as Udhay, the son of highly successful businessman Rajan Vasudev (Kaladhavan Mani), who lives off his father's wealth with his best friend Madhan. On a chance encounter, the two meet a pretty college girl called Eswari (Kajal Agarwal) who they both fall in love with. After deciding to resolve the issue, tragedy strikes as Madhan is mistakenly killed by Rajan's business rivals sent to get rid of Udhay. The next day Udhay is thrown out of his house and forced to go on the run, clueless as to why he is being hunted down. Fearing for his life, Udhay makes his way to his father only to discover an awful secret about his identity. Udhay must now outsmart Rajan's game in order to stay alive.

Contains moderate violence, threat and one use of bleeped language
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