Money Train

  |  Buy to Own: 04/07/2005
  |  293 min
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Police action triple-bill. In 'Blue Streak' (1999), jewel thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) has just been released from jail after a two year stretch for his involvement in the theft of a precious diamond. He stashed the jewel in a building that was still under construction. Unfortunately for Logan, in the intervening two years a police station has been built on the site. Unfazed by this inconvenience, the wise-cracking thief decides to infiltrate the police force, pose as an officer of the law, and recover the jewel from its secret hiding place. In 'Money Train' (1995), Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes star as foster brother cops who plan to rob the 'money train' which collects millions of dollars from New York subway stations. Their boss regards the train as his responsibility, and he prides himself on the having the best security money can buy. However, this doesn't stop the boys from hatching a devious scheme for a New Year's Eve heist. Finally, in 'Striking Distance' (1993), Tom Hardy (Bruce Willis) is demoted from homicide detective to River Rescue Patrol after challenging his superiors. Hardy believes that his father was murdered by a serial killer, not the man the police convicted. When the killer begins operating again two years later, Hardy sets out to track him down, much to the disapproval of his uncle (Dennis Farina), who is now Chief of Homicide.