Mork And Mindy: The First Season

  |  Buy to Own: 29/10/2007
  |  750 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 25 episodes from Season 1 of the US sitcom starring Robin Williams as Mork from Ork, an alien hatched from an egg who has been sent to investigate Earth and report back to his superiors. As an outsider, Mork is unfamiliar with human customs, and often questions some of the strange traditions that we take for granted. Episodes are: 'Pilot (Part 1)', 'Pilot (Part 2)', 'Mork Moves In', 'Mork Runs Away', 'Mork in Love', 'Reviews', 'Mork's Seduction', 'Mork Goes Public', 'To Tell the Truth', 'Mork the Gullible', 'A Mommy For Morky', 'Mork's Greatest Hits', 'Old Fears', 'Mork's First Christmas', 'Mork and the Immigrant', 'Mork the Tolerant', 'Young Love', 'Snowflakes Keep Dancing on My Head', 'Mork Goes Erk', 'Yes Sir, That's My Baby', 'Mork's Mixed Emotions', 'Mork's Night Out', 'In Mork We Trust', 'Mork Runs Down', 'It's a Wonderful Mork' and 'Mork's Best Friend'.