Most Haunted Live: Best Of - 5

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2006
  |  346 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The Most Haunted team takes the hunt live once again. Fifth installment of the live version of the popular ghost hunting programme in which a team of specialists attempts to track down Britain's spectres. David Wells presides over divinations accompanied by the perpetually skittish Yvette Fielding - all directed by a studio 'hub' run by team leader Julian Clegg. The team stages sit-ins and poorly-lit walk-rounds at the UK's most haunted spots according to legend and lore, attempting to conclusively prove the existence of the unexplained there. This series sees the team explore the most spectrally active nooks and crannies of; Liverpool - the Bluecoat Arts Centre, opened in 1725, bombed in the blitz and restored postwar since when it has been the scene of innumerable glowing gowns and unexplained weeping sounds. While in town , the team takes the opportunity to visit the equally undead Royal Court Theatre and its subterranean tunnels where reported screaming and growling goes on. In Wales, the team visits Llanelli's Summer Solstice House where a suicidal maid regularly appears. Edinburgh is reputedly one of the country's most spiritually active towns and the team takes to its labyrinthine tunnels, catacombs where a microphone picks up unmistakably spectral sounds and a witch possibly makes herself known. Finally, in Portsmouth, the team visits Southsea Castle and Wymering Manor - the town's oldest house.