Movies of Mass Destruction Collection

  |  342 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of four disaster movies. In 'World on Fire' (2011), a scientist faces a race against time to shut down an illegal oil-drilling programme that threatens to trigger a volcanic eruption beneath Miami. Antoinette Vitrini (Rachel Hunter) is an expert on volcanic activity. She becomes aware of the plans of oil executive Jacob Capilla (Brad Dourif) to drill covertly in Miami when her assistant, Brandon (Griff Furst), reveals that Capilla has an interest in her research. Soon Antoinette and her sister, Emily (Melissa Ordway), find themselves battling against time and the power of an oil corporation to prevent a devastating disaster. In 'Weather Wars' (2011), when once estranged brothers, David and Jacob (Jason London and Wes Brown), reunite after a series of freak weather incidents believing their father is responsible for them, they must make a plan to defeat him before he unleashes disastruous weather weapons across the country's capital. In 'Tornado Warning' (2012), 30 years after he was left fatherless when a strange, greenish tornado destroyed his mid-west town, weather buff Jack Lynch (Jeff Fahey) witnesses its return, but this time in larger numbers. With time running out and the death toll rising, Jack teams up with local meteorologist Gale Morgan (Kari Wuhrer), with the pair soon making the startling discovery that the tornadoes are actually a cover for an alien invasion. In 'Quantum Apocalypse' (2010), a comet is unexpectedly diverted onto a collision course with Earth. The arrival of the comet triggers a predictable mix of environmental chaos and panic. Ben Marshall (Randy Mulkey), the mayor of a town, finds himself in the midst of the tumult. His autistic savant brother, Terry (Rhett Giles), believes he has the answers the scientific community are struggling to find. Will Ben and Terry be able to implement their solution before it's too late?