Mrs 'Arris Goes To Paris

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  |  90 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
Mrs 'Arris Goes To Paris Film Poster


Heartwarming tale of a housemaid who spends her days cleaning the homes of the well-to-do. Mrs. Harris (Angela Lansbury) epitomises her generation of honest, working-class Brits. She knows her place, though that never stops her from speaking her mind - or dreaming of luxuries. Admiring a beautiful Dior gown in her employer's closet, Mrs 'Arris becomes determined to buy one for herself. Working day and night, she finally saves enough to go to Paris and visit the House of Dior - but learns that buying an original couture creation is harder than simply stumping up the cash. After hesitation, Dior's head saleswoman Madame Colbert (Diana Rigg) escorts her in and seats her next to the Marquis de Chassagne (Omar Sharif), a count who is quite taken by this friendly English woman. When her dream passes before her eyes on the beautiful store model Natasha, Mrs 'Arris orders the same gown for herself, but there is talk that the Dior name will be tarnished if Mrs 'Arris wears the exclusive design. However the sweet Mrs 'Arris has made many friends in Paris - and all are intent on making sure her dream comes true.

Contains mild language and racist references
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