|  Book Tickets: 31/08/2012
  |  163 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC


Indian superhero film starring Jiiva, Narein and Pooja Hedge. Bruce Lee (Jiiva) has his eyes on the local Police Commissioner's daughter, Shakthi (Pooja Hedge), and in order to impress her he resorts to showing off his kung-fu moves to her and her family. After donning a new costume as a way of entertaining the children even further, Lee finds himself helping the police with catching a robber and by doing so unwittingly attracts the attention of the robbers' gang leader, Dragon (Narain). As Dragon then takes it upon himself to frame Lee for the crime, Lee must take justice into his own hands and prove his innocence to both the police and Shakthi.

Contains moderate violence, threat and injury detail
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