Murder She Wrote: Seasons 1-3

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  |  3030 min
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All 65 episodes of the American television detective series starring Angela Lansbury as mystery writer Jessica Fletcher, who always finds herself with real-life murders to solve when touring to promote her books. Episodes are: 'Deadly Lady'; 'Birds of a Feather'; 'Hooray For Homicide'; 'It's a Dog's Life'; 'Lovers and Other Killers'; 'Hit, Run and Homicide'; 'We're Off to Kill the Wizard'; 'Death Takes a Curtain Call'; 'Death Casts a Spell'; 'Capitol Offence'; 'Broadway Malady'; 'Murder to a Jazz Beat'; 'My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean'; 'Paint Me a Murder'; 'Tough Guys Don't Lie'; 'Sudden Death'; 'Footnote to Murder'; 'Murder Takes the Bus'; 'Armed Response'; 'Murder at the Oasis'; 'Funeral at Fifty Mile'; 'Widow, Weep For Me'; 'Joshua Peabody Died Here - Possibly'; 'Murder in the Afternoon'; 'School For Scandal'; 'Sing a Song For Murder'; 'Reflections of the Mind'; 'A Lady in the Lake'; 'Dead Heat'; 'Jessica Behind Bars'; 'Sticks and Stones'; 'Murder Digs Deep'; 'Murder By Appointment Only'; 'Trial By Error'; 'Keep the Home Fires Burning'; 'Powder Keg'; 'Murder in the Electric Cathedral'; 'One Good Bid Deserves a Murder'; 'If a Boy Meets a Body'; 'Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday'; 'Menace, Anyone?'; 'The Perfect Foil'; 'If the Frame Fits'; 'Death Stalks the Big Top (Part 1)'; 'Death Stalks the Big Top (Part 2)'; 'Unfinished Business'; 'One White Rose For Death'; 'Corned Beef and Carnage'; 'Dead Man's Gold'; 'Deadline For Murder'; 'Magnum on Ice'; 'Obituary For a Dead Anchor'; 'Stage Struck'; 'Night of the Headless Horseman'; 'The Corpse Flew First Class'; 'Crossed Up'; 'Murder in a Minor Key'; 'The Bottom Line is Murder'; 'Death Takes a Dive'; 'Simon Says, Colour Me Dead'; 'No Laughing Murder'; 'No Accounting For Murder'; 'The Cemetery Vote'; 'The Days Dwindle Down'; and 'Murder She Spoke'.