Murderous Tales

  |  Book Tickets: 18/08/2016
Rated TBC by the BBFC
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Smrtelné Historky An amazing special-effect laden animated feature for adults, combining live actors with animation, puppets and back projection. It contains three stories: 'Antonio Cacto', 'Lighthouse' and 'The Big Man', plus three ultra-short films called 'Charge the Dragon'. Each episode uses different production technology and is in a different genre, but both their form and their content are related. All the episodes are about double standards and the topics of heroism and death. Something very small meets something very big (a tiny knight meets a huge dragon, an old Mexican goblin meets a man, a tiny Professor meets real-life cows, two mobsters meet the Big Man). All these meetings result in the heroic death of the small principal characters. Each theme sees heroism and death differently. He worked as a director in the Eallin Animation studio and as a head and supervisor of the 3D department at UPP Studio. Wonderfully inventive, grotesque, humorous, and in the Czech tradition of Jan Svankmajer. (Subtitles) Czech Republic 2016 Jan Bubenicek 80m