Mushi-Shi: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 18/05/2009
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All 26 episodes of the Japanese anime series. Mushi are neither plants nor animals: instead, they resemble the primeval substances of life. Few humans are actually aware of their existence and among them is Ginko, a 'Mushi-Shi' who travels around investigating them. In the course of his research he aids those plagued by supernatural phenomenon caused by the Mushi. Episodes comprise: 'The Green Seat', 'Tender Horns', 'The Pillow Pathway', 'The Light of the Eyelid', 'The Travelling Swamp', 'The Crowd That Inhales Dew', 'The Rain Comes, a Rainbow Forms', 'From the Sea Border', 'Heavy Fruit', 'White in the Ink Slab', 'The Mountain Sleeps', 'One-Eyed Fish', 'Bridge at Night', 'Inside the Cage', 'Exaggeration in Spring', 'Daybreak's Snake', 'Picking the Fake Cocoon', 'Clothes to Embrace the Mountain', 'String of Heaven', 'The Sea of Brushes', 'The Cotton Spore', 'Underwater Shrine', 'Twitter of Rusts', 'Journey in the Field of Fire', 'Eye of Fortune, Eye of Calamity' and 'Sound of Stepping Grass'.