My Left Foot The Field

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  |  210 min
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My Left Foot The Field Film Poster


A Jim Sheridan double bill. 'My Left Foot' (1989) is the true story of the artist, writer and cerebral palsy sufferer Christy Brown, based on his own book. It recounts the many problems he faced growing up in his native Ireland, and charts the ways in which he developed the use of his left foot - the only limb over which he had any control - to achieve success as an artist. Oscars were won by Daniel Day-Lewis (playing the adult Brown) and Brenda Fricker (playing Brown's mother). In 'The Field' (1990) Bull McCabe (Richard Harris) is a farmer who has spent many back-breaking years transforming a rented field from rocky acres into fertile farming land. He is obsessed with buying the land, but when it comes up for auction he finds himself in competition with an American (Tom Berenger) who wants to build a road through it. Bull and his son attempt to intimidate the man into giving way, but he proves equally determined to gain the land for himself.