My Way

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  |  137 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Kang Je-gyu (Brotherhood) directs this WW2 tale of the rivalry between two men that leads them on a journey to serve in the Japanese, Russian and German armies. Initially friends, Jun-shik (Dong-gun Jang), a Korean, and Tatsuo (Jô Odagiri), who is Japanese, develop a fierce rivalry as potential marathon runners in Korea during the Japanese occupation, and are drafted into the imperial army to fight in Mongolia when war with Russia breaks out. Through a series of events, they in turn find themselves fighting in the Russian, and German armies, eventually ending up on the beaches of Normandy as the allies advance. Throughout their time together, their bitter rivalry eventually gives way to a grudging respect, as they both remain driven by their one remaining goal - to win an Olympic marathon.

Contains strong bloody battle violence
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