Myths, The

  |  93 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The last hope of Russian cinema, producer and film director Fyodor, sticking out money for a music video Bradtke of the 90s. Sergey actor played everyone from Jesus Christ to the squirrels. Sergei ran out of the role, he was depressed and did not know how to live. Anchorman country number one, Ivan, could not stop joking in everyday life. Ivana girl does not understand why he is making fun of her breakfast in bed, and even at funerals. Nothing like? Beggar alien by chance enters into the midst of the rich and famous. It turns out that all of our ideas about the life of stars - myths. In fact, things are much worse. Trying to help the stars to solve their problems, our hero falls in love with his wife Greater mayor and decides to do everything to steal it from Olympus Moscow.