Naruto: Rock Lee And His Ninja Pals - Collection 2

  |  650 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Episodes 27-56 of the Japanese anime following the life and training of ninja Rock Lee (voice of Yoichi Masukawa). The episodes are: 'My First Five-Star Sushi!', 'Hunting for Mastsutake Mushrooms!', 'We're Here to Welcome Gaara!', 'Autumn Shinobi Safety Lessons!', 'Nothing Beats Mixed Bathing!', 'Sakura's My Nurse!', 'Might Guy - A Story of Love and Hair', 'Save Ichiraku Ramen!', 'Caring for Animals Is Hard Work', 'Tenten Vs. Temari!', 'Guy Sensei Is the New Hokage!', 'Infiltrate Akatsuki's Hideout!', 'Christmas Is the Last Chance for Love!', 'A New Year's Escape Clause', 'An Endless Nightmare', 'Shino Loves Insects', '17 Nights of Staying Out of Sight', 'The Staff Will Eat the Beans Afterwards!', 'A Fiery Snow Sculpting Contest!', 'The Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya!', 'Dogs Need Dog Friends', 'Yamato Gets a Mission', 'White Day, Destroyer of Alliances!', 'Taking Care of Guy Sensei!' and 'The Finale Battle'.