|  Book Tickets: 17/07/2016
  |  134 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Nayakan Film Poster


We are proud to present a brand new print of this milestone of Indian cinema. Velu is a young man who ekes out a living with some petty smuggling in a Bombay Tamil slum. He becomes an instant hero when he stands up to the cruel local policeman. From then on he is the ‘Nayakan’ (Godfather) of the community and becomes one of Bombay’s most respected and feared Mafia dons. Kamal Haasan’s towering central performance, combined with Indian great Mani Ratnam’s direction and PC Sreeram’s ravishing cinematography made this an instant classic. Time magazine included the film in its list of All-Time 100 Best Films. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to watch a pivotal and epic work of Indian cinema in all its glory on the big screen. In Tamil with English subtitles.