NCIS: Season 1

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  |  968 min
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All 23 episodes of the action drama, following the exploits of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, led by Special Agent Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). In this series, the team investigate when a marine's parachute fails to open, Gibbs sets off for Cuba to look at a case of smuggling in a detention centre, and the team looks into a bizarre case where a widow receives a phone call from her dead marine husband. The episodes are: 'Yankee White'; 'Hung Out to Dry'; 'Seadog'; 'The Immortals'; 'The Curse'; 'High Seas'; 'Sub Rosa'; 'Minimum Security'; 'Marine Down'; 'Left for Dead'; 'Eye Spy'; 'My Other Left Foot'; 'One Shot, One Kill'; 'The Good Samaritan'; 'Enigma'; 'Bete Noire'; 'The Truth Is Out There'; 'UnSEALed'; 'Dead Man Talking'; 'Missing'; 'Split Decision'; 'A Weak Link'; and 'Reveille'.