|  94 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Director of cult horror, 'Society', Brian Yuzna brought this portmanteau of three stories by H.P. Lovecraft to life with the aid of Frenchman, Christopher Gans, who directed the first episode, 'The Drowned' and Japanese director, Shu Kaneko, who directed the second episode, 'The Cold'. Yuzna co-produced, and directed the framing story and the third episode, 'Whispers'. In the opening sequence, H.P. Lovecraft goes into a library and starts reading three stories from the forbidden book, 'Necrononmicon'. In 'The Drowned' a man brings is dead wife and daughter back from the grave with the help of the mystical book, but their bodies have been inhabited by evil spirits. In the second story a young reporter discovers that a woman has been living for hundreds of years by feeding from the spinal fluid of the dead. In the third and final episode a pregnant woman wakes from a car crash only to find that she is under attack from flesh-eating aliens.