New Battles Without Honour and Humanity: The Complete Trilogy

  |  283 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of Japanese crime films from director Kinji Fukasaku. In 'New Battles Without Honour and Humanity' (1974) Yamamori crime family member Miyoshi Makio (Bunta Sugawara) is sent to prison after a hit goes badly wrong. While inside, fellow gangster Aoki (Tomisaburo Wakayama) attempts to take control of the family but needs the support of Makio in order to do it. Upon his release, Makio is faced with some difficult decisions as he bids to stop the Yamamori family from tearing itself apart. In 'Head of the Boss' (1975) Shuji Kuroda (Sugawara) takes the fall for the Owada crime family after one of their assassins fails to kill one of their targets. However, when the family fails to provide the financial reward they originally promised him, Kuroda vows to get his revenge by taking out the Owada's top bosses. Finally, in 'Last Days of the Boss' (1976) gangster Shuichi Nozaki (Sugawara) vows to get revenge on the mobster who killed his boss. However, when the warring crime families attempt to form an alliance in order to stop the bloodshed, Nozaki is forced to go to extreme lengths to get his man.