New British Cinema Quarterly Annual: Issue 3

Rated TBC by the BBFC


A collection of British feature films and documentaries. 'Patience (After Sebald)' (2012) traces the life and work of the late author W.G. Sebald. Though born and raised in Germany, Sebald relocated to Britain in the 1970s to work at the University of East Anglia and a number of his books display the influence British life and the English countryside had upon him. The documentary draws on one of Sebald's most celebrated works, 'The Rings of Saturn', in which he describes at length a journey along the East Anglian coast, the people he meets and the memories it provokes. 'The Gospel of Us' (2012) is a feature-length film version of the Easter Passion play written by Owen Sheers and starring Michael Sheen. Also included is a documentary giving a behind-the scenes look at the Welsh National Theatre's production of the play, performed in the streets of Port Talbot over Easter 2011.The coming-of-age drama 'Strawberry Fields' (2012), traces the changing relationship between two sisters over the course of a long English summer. Anna Madeley stars as Gillian, a Kentish girl who gets a casual summer job as a strawberry picker. As she bonds with her co-workers, especially bad boy Kev (Emun Elliott), she begins to find freedom and discover new sides to herself - until her domineering older sister, Emily (Christine Bottomley), shows up at the fields and pushes her way into the group. 'The Joy of Six' (2012) is a collection of six award-winning British short films, comprising: 'Long Distance Information' (2011); 'Man in Fear' (2011); 'A Gun for George' (2011); 'The Ellington Kid' (2012); 'Scrubber' (2012); and 'Friend Request Pending' (2011).