Night of the Demons

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  |  93 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Remake of Kevin Tenney's 1988 horror. Enticed by its ghostly past, Angela (Shannon Elizabeth) hosts a Halloween party at the Broussard Mansion in New Orleans. Attended by her friends Maddie (Monica Keena), Lily (Diora Baird), Dex (Michael Copon), Colin (Edward Furlong), Suzanne (Bobbi Sue Luther) and Jason (John F. Beach), the party spins out of control and is broken up by the police. The crowd disperses leaving the group of friends alone in the mansion. With the mansion gates locked, they are trapped inside overnight and soon fall victim to the demons that reside in the old building. One by one the friends are possessed by the spirits, but, come morning, will there be any survivors?

Contains strong bloody violence and sexualised nudity
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