Night On Earth

  |  348 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Night On Earth Film Poster


Triple bill of movies directed by Jim Jarmusch. In 'Mystery Train' (1989), a sleazy downtown motel in Memphis, Tennessee provides the stopping off point for three very different groups of people: a rock 'n' roll obsessed Japanese couple paying a visit to Elvis' home, Graceland; a beautiful Italian widow who has a surprise encounter with the 'King' himself; and an inept gang of thugs seeking refuge in the hotel after a liquor store robbery. 'Night On Earth' (1991) tells five separate stories which all happen on the same night in five different taxis driving through five cities around the world: a Hollywood casting agent feels her age in L.A.; a learner cabbie, who is a former circus clown, drives through Harlem carrying two arguing passengers; a blind woman (Beatrice Dalle) disorientates her driver in Paris; a non-believer (Roberto Benigni) finds a dead bishop in his back seat in Rome; and a driver in Helsinki and his passengers swap melancholy stories. Finally, in 'Dead Man' (1995), in 19th Century America, William Blake (Johnny Depp) travels West to take up a position at Dickinson's metal works, only to find that the vacancy has already been filled. A series of chaotic and violent confrontations leave Blake wounded, but he is befriended by a native American named Nobody (Gary Farmer), who takes him on a spiritual journey.