Ninja Slayer

  |  Buy to Own: 30/01/2017
  |  300 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Ninja Slayer Film Poster


All 25 episodes of the Japanese anime set in the futuristic, cyber city of Neo-Saitama. After his family are brutally murdered, white-collar worker Kenji Fujikido (voice of Toshiyuki Morikawa) is possessed by the spirit of a mysterious ninja and becomes the vengeful killing machine Ninja Slayer. As their bond deepens, Ninja Slayer grows more powerful and he goes in search of those responsible for the death of his family. The episodes are: 'Born in Red Black', 'Machine of Vengeance', 'Last Girl Standing: Part 1', 'Last Girl Standing: Part 2', 'Rage Against Tofu', 'Surprised Dojo', 'Bane of Serpent', 'Apocalypse Inside Tainted Soil', 'One Minute Before the Tanuki: Part 1', 'One Minute Before the Tanuki: Part 2', 'Menace of Dark Ninja', 'Day of the Lobster', 'Swan Song Sung By a Faded Crow: Part 1', 'Swan Song Sung By a Faded Crow: Part 2', 'Sushi Night at the Barricade', 'At the Treasonersville', 'Treasure Every Meeting', 'Ever Felt Cheated?', 'Stranger Stranger Than Fiction: Part 1', 'Stranger Stranger Than Fiction: Part 2', 'Neo-Saitama in Flames: Part 1 - Like a Blood Arrow Straight', 'Neo-Saitama in Flames: Part 2 - Dark Ninja Returns', 'Neo-Saitama in Flames: Part 3 - And You Will Know Him By the Trail of Ninja', 'Neo-Saitama in Flames: Part 4 - Dark Dusk, Darker Dawn: Part 1' and 'Neo-Saitama in Flames: Part 5 - Dark Dusk, Darker Dawn: Part 2'.