Nixon Shadow Conspiracy American History X

  |  Buy to Own: 31/10/2005
  |  396 min
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Box set containing three popular drama movies. In 'Nixon' (1995), Oliver Stone turns his attention to one of the most controversial figures in American history, President Nixon. Anthony Hopkins stars as the President in a film that traces his political career, from his battles with the CIA and J. Edgar Hoover, his plans for world peace with Henry Kissinger, his apocalyptic vision of Vietnam, to the whole of the Watergate affair. In 'The Shadow Conspiracy' (1997), presidential advisor Bobby Bishop (Charlie Sheen) is approached by a college professor who is known to be a conspiracy theorist and warned that the President's (Sam Waterston) life is in danger. Before the professor can reveal the identity of a Washington traitor he is shot, and Bishop suddenly finds himself being hunted by the killer. He goes on the run with former girlfriend reporter Amanda Givens (Linda Hamilton), and attempts to make Washington aware of the threat to the President's life while hanging onto his own. 'American History X' (1998) stars Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard, an angry young man seeking retribution for the murder of his father. Derek becomes the leader of a skinhead white-power movement, espousing racist views to his peers and using his intelligence to stir up as much race-hate as possible. Derek's actions culminate in murder and he is jailed. Three years later his girlfriend (Fairuza Balk) and brother Danny (Edward Furlong) await his release, but discover that Derek is a changed man, ashamed of his past and no longer driven by hatred. However, the consequences of his actions still haunt Derek's family and the threat of a return to violence is never far away.