Noir: The Complete Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 16/06/2008
  |  650 min
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All 26 episodes of the Japanese anime series. Mireille Bouquet is a professional assassin living in Paris when she is contacted via email by a Japanese schoolgirl named Yumura Kirika. Drawn in by Yumura's story, Mireille is surprised to find that, like her, the teen possesses the skills of an assassin but is also an amnesiac. Hoping that together they will be able to unlock the secrets of their pasts, the duo begin operating under the codename Noir and soon discover that they are the focus of a deadly conspiracy that will call upon all their skills to stay alive. Episodes comprise: 'The Maidens With Black Hands', 'Daily Bread', 'The Assassination Play', 'The Sound of Waves', 'Les Soldats', 'Lost Kitten', 'The Black Thread of Fate', 'Intoccabile (Part I)', 'Intoccabile (Part II)', 'The True Noir', 'Moonlit Tea Party', 'Assassination Mission', 'Season of Hell', 'A Bouquet of Flowers for Mireille', 'The Cold-Blooded Killer (Part I)', 'The Cold-Blooded Killer (Part II)', 'Return to Corsica', 'The Darkness Within Me', 'The Two Hands of the Soldats', 'The Sin Within the Sin', 'Morning Without Dawn', 'Journey's End', 'Sentiments for the Remaining Flower', 'Dark Return', 'The Depths of Hell's Fire' and 'Birth'.