North Sea Texas

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  |  98 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Bavo Defurne helms this coming-of-age drama set in a small town on the Belgian coast. Jelle Floorizoone stars as Pim, a lonely gay teenager who lives with his neglectful accordionist mother Yvette (Eva van der Gucht). Pim often finds comfort at the home of his 'second mum', Yvette's co-worker Marcella (Katelijne Damen), where he harbours an unrequited passion for her slightly-older son, motorbike enthusiast Gino (Mathias Vergels). When Gino starts a relationship with a French girl, jealous Pim transfers his passion onto Zoltan (Thomas Coumans), a handsome young fairground worker who is renting a room in his house. Unfortunately for Pim, however, Yvette has also fixated on Zoltan as a way out of their dead-end town.

Contains infrequent strong sex
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