Not Another Teen Movie Loser Evil Woman

  |  Buy to Own: 17/05/2004
  |  268 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A triple bill of teen-flicks. In 'Not Another Teen Movie', when he is dumped by his girlfriend, popular football star Jake takes on a wager in which he is charged with transforming freaky-geeky art student Janey into a prom queen. After receiving an initially frosty reception, Jake begins to spend time with Janey, and the pair develop strong feelings for each other. But what will happen when she finds out about the wager? In 'Loser' Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari star as Paul and Dora, two students trying to make ends meet at New York University, in this teen comedy from director Amy Heckerling ('Clueless', 'Fast Times at Ridegemont High'). Paul is a mild-mannered smalltown guy, at odds with the brash party attitude of his rich flatmates. He meets Dora and falls for her instantly, glad to have found a kindred spirit, but doesn't realise that she is involved in an affair with their literature professor Edward Alcott (Greg Kinnear). Finally in 'Evil Woman', when Darren Silverman (Biggs again) meets psychologist Judith Fessbeggler (Amanda Peet) they quickly fall in love and soon begin talking of marriage. However, when Judith breaks up Darren's Neil Diamond covers band, his bandmates J.D. (Jack Black) and Wayne (Steve Zahn) realise that she is evil and must be stopped. The pair then set to work with a plan to get Darren back together with his former girlfriend Sandy (Amanda Detmer); but Judith realises what they are up to, and proves more than a match for their underhand tactics.