Obce Niebo/Strange Heaven

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Rated TBC by the BBFC
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Obce Niebo One innocent lie triggers suspicions and leads to a daughter being placed with a foster family by social services. The parents undertake a dramatic fight to get their child back. Basia (Agnieszka Grochowska) and Marek (Bartolomiej Topa) are a Polish couple living in Sweden, with their seven-year-old daughter Ursula, or Ula for short (Barbara Kubiak). Ula goes to school locally and, unlike her parents, can speak Swedish. However, her teachers begin to worry about her behaviour and a misunderstanding leads to Ula being taken away and placed with foster parents. Basia and Marek are determined to regain custody but the couple can't agree on how to fight with ruthless procedures of a modern state. Finally, feeling powerless and desperate, they decide to act beyond the law. Grochowska won Best Actress for 'Strange Heaven' at the 2015 Gdynia Film Festival. It's also good to see Ingmar Bergman regular Ewa Fröling in a major role. The screenplay emerged from the documentation of several similar stories which actually occurred in the real world. The director made this film to raise the question - how should an individual defend his/her humanity against an omnipotent state. (Subtitles) Poland/ Sweden 2015 Dariusz Gajewski 106m