|  Buy to Own: 26/11/2007
  |  90 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Thriller starring Josie Blissett as Denise, an obituary writer awaiting her chance to become a reporter. When one of her newspaper's columnists dies of old age, Denise jumps at the chance to take over his job, tactlessly hounding her boss, Roger (Alan C. Peterson), in the middle of the funeral. That night Denise goes for a late-night jog and stumbles upon a dead body. The next day, Denise's co-worker, Luke (Craig Olejnik), informs her of the name of last night's victim. Shocked, Denise realises that she saw the deceased's obituary in a newspaper before his time of death. But when she tries to track down the article, it's nowhere to be seen. Soon, Denise's computer displays a mysterious message - another obituary. But when she tries to print it out the message erases itself. Sure enough, the next day the person turns up dead. Denise knows she has no proof of what's happening so she decides to begin her own investigation.