Ocean Heaven

Rated TBC by the BBFC


Chinese drama starring Jet Li as a terminally ill father determined to teach his autistic son the life skills he will need to survive alone. When Wang Xingchang (Li) is told that he has only a short time left to live the blow is made all the weightier by the fact that his son, Da Fu (Zhang Wen), relies upon his care. Convinced that Da Fu won't be able to survive alone, Wang takes them out to sea where he believes they will drown only for his son's extraordinary swimming skills, honed working at an aquarium, to save them both. Now a firm believer in his son's ability to survive, Wang sets about teaching the autistic young man how to take care of everyday activities such as changing his clothes, cooking basic foods and using public transport. Wang's extraordinary patience brings about a positive change in Da Fu, but will he have as much luck finding his son a suitable home in a society that doesn't fully understand his condition?