Odyssey True Story Collection: Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 21/01/2002
  |  893 min
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Box set featuring ten dramatic recreations of true stories. 'Ambush in Waco' tells the story of David Koresh (Timothy Daly), a cult leader who used his charm and intelligence to gain a fanatical religious following. He seized control of the Branch Davidians and, believing that the end of the world was approaching, assembled his followers in Waco, Texas, ready for the final moment. A terrifying siege followed, which led to the tragic slaughter of many of his innocent but misguided disciples. 'Complex of Fear' focuses on police officer Ray Dolan and his wife Michelle, residents in a luxury apartment block in the close-knit Wood Side community. Ray and Michelle lead an ordinary married life, and are happy to live among such good neighbours. But everything changes when a rapist starts striking in the area and Ray is assigned to deal with the case. He begins to investigate and soon realises that the attacker is most likely someone who lives in their apartment block, someone who he might see everyday, possibly even a close friend. In 'Dead Before Dawn' Linda Edelman (Cheryl Ladd) decides to file for divorce after suffering years of abuse at the hands of her husband Robert. Angry and enraged, Robert vows revenge and hires a hit man. Linda then finds out and tries to entrap her husband by posing as live bait and faking her own death. In 'Desperate Justice' Carol Rogers (Lesley Ann Warren) desperately seeks justice after her daughter Wendy is raped, beaten and left in a coma. However, when the man arrested for the crime is left unpunished by the courts, Carol decides to take matters into her own hands. She feels she has only one course of action left open to her, and once the deed is done, she will be the one caught on the wrong side of the law. 'Everything to Gain' introduces us to Mallory Jordan (Sean Young), an art director who thinks she has it all - a loving husband, two beautiful daughters and a picture-book home. But her happiness is shattered when her family are murdered in a robbery. Devastated, Mallory loses the baby she is carrying and attempts suicide. Travelling to England to stay with her mother-in-law, she gradually regains the will to live and sets about bringing the murderer to justice, with the help of Detective DiMarco (Jack Scalia). 'Fifteen Pregnant' concerns the life of Tina Spangler, a pregnant teenager who does not relish the prospect of becoming a single parent like her mother before her. However, it is her mother, Evie, who becomes a tower of strength, supporting Tina after her boyfriend deserts her. 'Heart of a Child' tells of how one couple's tragedy brings about another couple's salvation. Karen and Fred Schouten are devastated when they discover that their unborn child has a brain defect which will cause it to die hours after it is born. But when they hear of another couple, Alice and Gordon Hole, who have a new-born child desperately in need of a heart transplant, it seems they might be able able to draw some good out of their own private agony. 'In the Line of Duty: Kidnapped' focuses on the cat-and-mouse game played out between a highly intelligent kidnapper and work-obsessed FBI agent Pete Honeycut. Honeycut's work has led him to separate from his wife, and he feels guilty about neglecting his young son, so when the wealthy citizens of Los Angeles start losing their children to a dedicated kidnapper, this guilt compels him to get involved above and beyond the call of duty. But the kidnapper has access to information about Honeycut's personal life, and it seems that his next victim might just be Honeycut's own son. In 'The Lies Boys Tell' old-timer Ed Reece (Kirk Douglas) has only a shortwhile left to live, and decides to spend his last days out on the road, revisiting some of the places from his past, and while he's at it, making up with his long-lost son as well. So begins a journey which will take Ed all the way across America, bringing him back finally to the very bed in which he was born. Finally, 'High Lonesome' looks at events in the town of High Lonesome during the 1930s, where Walter Osgood (Louis Gossett Jr) is the only remaining black man not to have been chased out by the racist locals. Whilst coping with local hostility, Osgood also attempts to come to terms with the recent death of his wife and the disappearance of his son. He finds an unlikely ally, however, when he is left to look after a young boy whose father has run out of town.