Odyssey True Story Collection: Volume 2

  |  Buy to Own: 21/01/2002
  |  987 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set featuring ten dramatic recreations of true stories. 'A Message from Holly' is a sensitive drama about a terminally ill woman's love for her daughter. Holly (Lindsay Wagner) is an artist who lives a free-spirited life in the country with her young daughter Jenny. When Holly discovers that she is dying of cancer, she asks her close friend Kate (Shelley Long) if she will look after Jenny once she's gone. Kate is a high-powered big city business woman who normally has no time for anything but her job; she loves Holly dearly, but will she be able to devote the time necessary to raise a child? 'Murder Between Friends' follows what happens when Kerry Myers finds his wife murdered and points the finger of guilt at his old friend Bill Fontanille. Given that Bill was seen leaving Kerry's house bleeding from a stab wound on the night of the crime, it seems that Kerry might well be right; but when the case goes to court amidst a blaze of tabloid publicity, Bill surprises everyone by revealing another, very different side to the story. 'Nurses on the Line' tells the story of four medics whose plane crashes in the jungles of Mexico. Seriously wounded, their only hopes of survival rest in the hands of a group of nurses with little medical experience, and to make matters worse, a vicious local drug war threatens to prevent the necessary medical supplies from getting through. In 'A Place for Annie' Sissy Spacek plays a nurse called Susan who fights to keep Annie, her adopted HIV-positive baby, against the claims of the baby's natural mother, a drug-addicted AIDS sufferer. Helping her is an Irish widow (Joan Plowright) who has become Annie's nanny. 'Fugitive from Justice - Underground Father' follows what happens when Larry Coster discovers that his estranged wife is neglecting their eight-month-old daughter, and subsequently kidnaps the girl and goes on the run. The courts have refused Larry custody, and with the law closing in on him he seeks help from the 'Underground Mothers', an all-woman organisation for battered wives and children. 'The Unspoken Truth' concerns Brianne Hawkins, a woman who still feels something like love or loyalty for her husband Clay, even though he has subjected her to years of violence and abuse. So when he kills a man who tries to chat her up in a bar, she agrees to help cover up the crime and claim that she pulled the trigger. The plan backfires and both of them end up serving life sentences in prison. Will she be able to stick by her man and keep silent about what really happened when it means losing custody of her daughter Lily? In 'Shattered Trust' promising young attorney Shari Karney begins breaking up under the stress of running her own practice. Then, when she becomes emotionally involved in a child abuse case and physically attacks a witness in court, it appears that she has finally gone over the edge. But whilst being helped by a friendly psychiatrist she comes to realise that her behaviour is the result of her father having abused her as a child. In 'Taming Andrew' Gail Carson's life is thrown upside-down when her ten-year-old son Andrew returns home after spending five years on the run with her ex-husband. Things become even harder when she discovers that Andrew endured horrific abuse and neglect while with his father and that he was only released when his father grew tired of treating him like an animal. Andrew now bears little resemblance to the son Gail used to love and she has a battle on her hands trying to get him to adjust to normal life and to learn to love and be happy again. 'Telling Secrets' concerns Faith Kelsey (Cybill Shepherd), a woman who will do anything to get what she wants, and that includes getting involved in murder. So when Faith's husband's lover turns up dead, the finger of suspicion can't help but point in her direction - or at least that's the case when the finger of suspicion is attached to the hand of Detective Jay Jensen (Ken Olin), the cop assigned to investigate the murder. Will Jensen bring Faith to justice or will Faith use her cunning wiles to get what she wants once more time? Finally, in 'Thicker Than Blood', Larry and Karen's stormy relationship is in its final days when Karen discovers that she is pregnant. After the birth, Larry stays with Karen for the sake of his son, whom he grows to love dearly. However, when Karen decides to run away with the boy, this leads to a bitter and protracted battle for custody.