Of Mice and Men

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  |  108 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
Of Mice and Men Film Poster


Gary Sinise both directs and stars in this adaptation of John Steinbeck's classic novel about the innocent simpleton Lennie (John Malkovich) and his weary protector George (Sinise). Lennie and George travel the Mid-West during the years of the Great Depression, moving from farm to farm looking for work and dreaming of owning a place of their own. When they get hired at the Tyler Ranch, the friends fall foul of their mean-spirited boss Curley (Casey Siemaszko), and when Lennie becomes involved with Curley's flirtatious wife (Sherilyn Fenn), George is forced into violent action.

Contains infrequent moderate violence, mild language and sex references
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