Oh My God

  |  Book Tickets: 14/08/2018
Rated TBC by the BBFC
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Father Fred, a hashish-smoking monk, Father John, a sex-obsessed priest, and Sister Eliza, a nun who has lost her faith, are sent by the Bishop of Brussels on a road trip to St Patrick's Purgatory in North West Ireland. ‘Oh God’ is a road movie with a unique twist. Seventy five year old Father Frederic (Chris Bearne), fifty five year old Brother John (Maurice Byrne), and thirty five year old Sister Eliza (Suzanne Kendall) are instructed by the Bishop of Brussels to make a pilgrimage to St. Patrick’s Purgatory in Donegal, north-west Ireland. So, begins a spiritual pilgrimage through Belgium, France, England, Wales and the beautiful greenery of Ireland’s sweeping landscapes on their way to Donegal. Each has a human failing that has overtaken their spirituality. As they start the long drive through Europe towards the far flung Irish retreat, they are thrown together in a way that helps each other to solve their shortcomings. This is an amusing heart-warming story of how three good souls who have lost their way rediscover their calling. This independent production is a gentle, fun-poking, sometimes edgy comedy, a road movie and a buddie movie all rolled into one, with some pretty beautiful landscapes thrown in for good measure. Our thanks to Palm Tree Universal for this screening. UK 2017 Robbie Moffat 97m Together with director Robbie Moffat, we welcome the lead actors Chris Bearne, Maurice Byrne and Suzanne Kendall to introduce their film.