Old Joy

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  |  73 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Acclaimed US indie drama explores the need to hang onto the spirit of youth in an increasingly complex world. Two former good friends now in their 30s re-connect in a wilderness trip. Kurt (Will Oldham) is a spiritual type, smoker of grass, who lives outside society's defined idea of normal. Mark (Daniel London) is living straight down the line - married, kids, two jobs, mortgage, hardworking. When Kurt calls Mark out of the blue suggesting they re-connect through this wilderness walk, Mark jumps at the chance. The two, accompanied by Mark's dog, take an overnight hike in to a natural hotspring, chatting along the way about life and time. Gradually, each sheds his defensive shell and exposes a fragility and tenuous grasp on his life - showing that they are not so different after all. Shot entirely in natural light and on a shoestring budget this is independent film as it truly is meant to be.

Contains strong language
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