One Deadly Summer

  |  Book Tickets: 07/11/2010
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  |  128 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
One Deadly Summer Film Poster


Isabelle Adjani stars as Elle, a beautiful, moody and unsettlingly provocative nineteen-year-old who returns to the quiet Provence village of her birth to look after her crippled father and German mother. Initially, her arousing presence enlivens the usually staid village, captivating the young men; one, Pin Pon in particular. However, as Elle becomes part of the village she starts to turn friend against friend, brother against brother and traps Pin Pon into marriage as part of a plan to avenge her mother's rape. Using a shifting voice-over narration, an intricate psychosexual mystery is constructed which slowly reveals Elle's obsessions and her manipulative and cunning personality.