Out 1

  |  775 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Out 1' is a very precise picture of post May '68 malaise - when Utopian dreams of a new society had crashed and burned, radical terrorism was starting to emerge in unlikely places and a great many other things. Two marginals who don't know one another stumble into the remnants of a 'secret society': Colin, a seemingly deaf-mute who all of a sudden begins to talk and Frederique, a con artist working the 'short con' (stealing drinks and tricking men who think she's a hooker out of their money). Meanwhile there are two theater groups rehearsing classic Greek dramas: 'Seven Against Thebes' and 'Prometheus Bound'. A member of the Moretti group passes a note to Leaud about 'The 13' which sends Leaud on a search for 'The 13'. His search brings him eventually to Bulle Ogier's shop in Les Halles 'L'Angle du Hasard.' Berto follows much the same path when she steals a cachet of letters from Jacques Doniol-Valcroze and tries to get money from their owners for their return. These twin activities .