Out of the Shadows

  |  96 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Out of the Shadows Film Poster


In 2010 six reality television contestants entered an abandoned and haunted asylum known as the Madison seminary. All but one of the contestants, Carter Osborne, went missing. In present day, a daughter of one of the contestants, Cynthia O'Neil, has enlisted the help of a television producer to go into the asylum to find out what happened to her father. The Producer agrees under the condition that Carter goes back in alongside Cynthia. Full of guilt for leaving the others behind, Carter reluctantly agrees as nothing in his life has been the same ever since. Carter, Cynthia and a small television crew once again enter the dark halls of the asylum. While they are looking for their loved ones, they find something much more sinister. This is not based on a true story, this is the true story.