Ozu Collection 3

  |  Buy to Own: 24/04/2006
  |  342 min
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Ozu Collection 3 Film Poster


Triple-bill of classic films from the Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu, whose delicate, poignant dramas explore the intricacies of human relationships amidst the growing influence of western culture on post-war Japanese society. 'Tokyo Twilight' (1957) follows the journey of two sisters who live with their father, and who have returned to the old family home only to discover that their mother, who they thought was dead, has taken up with another man. 'Equinox Flower' (1958) is Ozu's first film in colour, and recounts the relationship between a young woman and her father over her impending marriage, of which the father doesn't approve. Finally, in 'Good Morning' (1959), a father refuses to buy a television for his family, deciding instead to preserve traditional Japanese values. In protest, his two sons refuse to say another word until the father agrees to relent and buys them the television.